Recipes, Dating Disasters, and Dance Parties.

As my youngest brother loves to tell me, “you’re a great role model… of exactly everything I shoudn’t do.”

Join me in getting to the nitty gritty of why dating is so hard in the city. How as we get older you start to feel as though someone put you in a pressure cooker and it’s act now or never.

Here I’ll share with you incredible recipes for 1-2 people or a family of 6. Portion control has never been my strong suit.

I’ll also detail and share with you my adventures in handling uncomfortable social situations, how to embarrass yourself on first dates by drinking too much, self reflection and how to notice consistent patterns – not how to break them, I certainly haven’t figured out that part yet – and finally, being a walking example of why you should listen to your parents – because once again, I certainly didn’t.

Blissfully unaware of consequences. Bold and Provocative. Raw and Ugly. I get into it all, no story left unshared.

So please, click through and enjoy.

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Xo – Jack