You do not have to have ANY qualifications to write a blog.

I suppose it helps though.

I am a chronic dreamer with the heart of an entrepreneur.

I will try anything once, and I view failure as falling forward – because at least I tried.

Here’s a quick run down so you can get a sense of who the hell i am:

  • Grew up in an LDS home –> no longer practicing.
  • Oldest of 4 siblings (6 if you count the step siblings I never see).
  • My parents are divorced and separated when I was 14 years old and have since remarried.
  • I have a deep desire for financial independence and freedom.
  • I graduated high school thinking I would attend a 4 year university and get a corporate job. I didn’t. I graduated high school, attended 3 quarters at a local community college, and then quit – But I’m TRYING.
  • I have had a LOT of jobs: hair salon reception/retail, Starbucks barista, Toyota dealership concierge, Patient Registrar in the emergency department at a large hospital, Hostess at a restaurant, admin assistant at a temp agency, barista at a “Bikini stand”, veterinary receptionist, veterinary assistant, independent cartoonist, nutrition consultant with a large pet food manufacturer, Beachbody coach, an in-home whole pet health service provider, and a patient coordinator for a non-profit organization.
  • I’m a serial monogamist with a history of poor relationship choices – trust me on this one, thank god I’m learning… I think.
  • I am not afraid or above exposing my struggles, triumphs, fails, and wins.
  • I’m a 30-something, single, female, living in Seattle with my cat and dog and every day I’m hustlin.
  • I just want to stop surviving and start thriving.


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