Bone Broth for DAYS

Okay – so obviously I am a huge fan of chicken stock, beef stock, veggie stock… because everytime I go to my mom’s house, I specifically make a plan on how I’m going to get out of her home with at least 8 jars of homemade stock.


You see, my mom has this cute little farm about 45min away from me where she raises chicken, pigs, cows, and goats for food purposes. She also has a peacock, 2 geese, and 2 horses – not including the cats and dog. Yes, mom has a menagerie. So of course she’s always cooking up something absolutely incredible, canning something delicious, or curing some drool worthy goat cheddar that I still haven’t figured out how to steal.



Really… it’s a farm.IMG_5005.JPG

Yes, thats a goose.


And that’s mommy.

Yes, I call her “mommy,” even though i’m a grown ass woman. Honestly it all started out as some joke, because I can be a real asshole sometimes. My step-dad HATES it when I call her “mommy,” he tells me I sound like a whiny child. So now I just do it more and it’s stuck. So great, I’m a 30yr old calling her mother “mommy.”


Anyway, to get back on track…

For Christmas this year, I received an instapot. I’m sure by now any of you who follow ANY cooking/baking/health blogs have heard about this glorious 9-1 pressure cooker that is literally the only appliance you need in your kitchen.

(Speaking of which, anyone need a crockpot or rice cooker? Trying to clear out my cupboard!)

The first thing I made in my instapot was an entire freaking chicken.

Check out this beauty.



Literally slapped that baby with a handful of thyme, paprika, salt, pepper and gave it a good rub down all over.

Threw in a tablespoon of coconut oil in the pot – pressed the “saute” button. Cooked it breast side down for 7min, flipped then added 2c chicken stock, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 6 cloves of garlic and some fresh thyme sprigs to make it pretty.

Turned on the pressure feature and set it to 25min.


But that’s not what this post is about, is it.

Look what I turned it into last night…. which I drank for breakfast this morning.


Oh, hell, yes.

After picking away at the carcass like a vulture for the last 4 days (okay, maybe it was more and i’m risking a number of food borne illnesses, but whatever), I was left with a beautiful stack of bones. (YES! GOALS!)

In my fit of sadness last night, because after being surrounded by so many people I love during the holidays and am now back to my normal routine – I fall back on my tried and true coping mechanisms-cooking & cleaning.

So as I’m doing laundry and dishes, I’m like, “OH SHIT! I have bones I need to simmer down on!”

So I finish wrapping things up around the house, turn on some music, then a friend calls, then my mom calls, then another friend calls… but seriously, god bless speaker phone.

I threw the bones into the instapot and sauted for about 3-5min, just until they started to leave little brown bits on the bottom. Turned that sucker off – threw in some chopped carrots, onions, whole garlic cloves, bay leaves, pepper, (remaining stock that I collected from when we cooked the entire chicken however many days ago – whoops!), and because I didn’t have any celery on hand – I improvised with some celery salt, 8c of water & a generous pour of apple cider vinegar!

Set the pressure timer for 30 minutes and voila! Seriously, though. I brought 16oz to work with me this morning in a mason jar, heated it up in the microwave in a mug and drank it around 730am this morning… it’s now 10-something am and I’m actually not hungry. What is this mystery liquid that can curb my appetite so I’m not tempted to eat all the king-sized candy bars that are sitting in my bottom drawer!?

Madness I tell you.

Anyway, There are SO many benefits to drinking bone broth on the regular (keeps you regular too!), which I highly recommend you explore.

You do NOT have to have an instapot to make this though, It just makes it go a LOT faster. Plus, what a great way to use ALL parts of your meat/veggie scraps instead of just throwing them away.

Suck out all the nutrients you can my friends.